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Portal Dude

2009-06-22 03:57:00 by portaldude


This is PortalDude's parents. We just wanted to inform everyone that on Sunday June 14th, he passed away in his sleep. He was only 10 years old.

new flash

2008-12-28 13:35:26 by portaldude

Just made a new flash. do you guys think its any good? i think its a little better than my first 2.

I got my flash trial working!

2008-12-14 08:12:14 by portaldude

Yeah!!! My flash trial is working! soon you will see some madness flash from me. It's not crappy flash either, I'm pretty good at flash right now.

This .gif is an exported image of some animation i made. :D

I got my flash trial working!


2008-12-07 18:23:05 by portaldude

Um well nothing going on rly. I'm trying to get my flash trial to work. :(