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I got my flash trial working!

2008-12-14 08:12:14 by portaldude

Yeah!!! My flash trial is working! soon you will see some madness flash from me. It's not crappy flash either, I'm pretty good at flash right now.

This .gif is an exported image of some animation i made. :D

I got my flash trial working!


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2008-12-14 17:39:28

Actually, I don't think your good at Flash at all. The hank thing you did was really choppy and pointless.

portaldude responds:

Well if you don't like it, too bad.


2008-12-15 14:45:35

That's good. A Flash 8 pro serial: WPD800-52830-64832-84599

portaldude responds:

Um I don't think I should use your code. It seems a little weird to me. Besides, I have a CS4 trial so whatever